Life Video

By Jessica Testa and Federico Cornetto 



This adorable little girl was captured running up to give her favourite Safeway cashier a big hug after not seeing her for two weeks. 


The girl’s mother, Sara Russell, 34, captured the heartwarming moment as she entered Safeway in California with her three-year-old daughter Grace. 


Sara said the Safeway cashier named Lorraine had been off sick for two weeks and Grace was getting worried.  


She said: “She told the other workers she was really worried about “Morane” as she calls her.”


Grace and Lorraine met three months ago while Lorraine was checking our Sara’s groceries. 


Since then, they have spent time every Friday at the checkout talking about what they did that day. 


“I just think it’s so sweet every time.”


“They just kept telling each other how much they missed each other.”