Animals Video

By Mike Jones


Two giraffes were captured playfully ‘necking’ each other which made them look as if they were dancing – but it turns out they were challenging each other.

Brant Bady, 60, a retired civil servant from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada snapped the images while on a safari in Kenya and Tanzania, Easter Africa.

“My guide George and I were motoring around the Savannah in a land cruiser in search of photo-ops and came across these two male giraffes doing their ‘dance’.

“The ‘dance’ is a ritual for dominance between the males – but in this case more playful which is the norm.

“It is often practiced by males who are just coming into adulthood, just before they leave the herd to strike out on their own.

“However, when the males are in rut, it can turn very serious and deadly.

“It took a few minutes of observation and them turning in circles for me to figure out that it was actually two males challenging each other, rather than a male and female in some kind of mating display.

“But it turns out that for giraffes, ‘necking’ is not a romantic behaviour at all.”