Amazing Nature Video

By Jack Mobley


This small but stunning sea creature has been spotted and captured in a high definition clip.

Marine biologist, Lawrence Scheele, stumbled across the critter at Rainbow Beach, Queensland, Australia in a rock pool.

Known as porpita porpita, the seemingly lifeless organism was floating in the small pool.

What is more interesting is its float sporting an electrifying blue colour, and the tentacle-like limbs known as the hydroid colony; containing the stinging cells.

Lawrence said: “I was searching for the elusive Glaucus Atlanticus, a nudibranch that feeds on Porpita Porpita until I stumbled upon hundreds of Porpita washed up on shore.

“I’d only ever seen this creature once a few years ago in Sydney, so seeing them again with my camera on me was a treat.

“It is superficially similar to a jellyfish however it is not classed as one and is more closely related to the Portuguese Man O’ war which is a siphonophore.

“They passively drift on the surface of the ocean and feed mostly on tiny copepods.”