Animals Video

By Jessica Testa


This adorable possum looks warm and safe as he snuggles up inside his carer’s shirt.

Australian Wildlife Carer Heidi Otto, 37, lets three-month-old Theodore wriggle his way down her shirt, which acts as a great substitute for a pouch, after every feed.

She said: “He is close to my heartbeat which makes him feel safe and secure.”

“He stays snug and comfy in there whilst I feed the rest of the clan.”

Heidi became a full-time Wildlife Carer after being injured in an accident that claimed the lives of her sister and friend.

In addition to Theodore, Heidi is caring for four orphaned Agile Wallabies named Mindy, Marilyn, Lou and Squirt.

“The animals have certainly played a vital part in my recovery, that’s for sure.”