Animals Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

This fisherman tried to feed what he thought was a friendly squirrel but it wanted to feast on his finger.

Adam Wheatley was at fishing at a lake near Sandbach, UK when the curious critter came close to him on February 12.

The clip starts with Adam’s attempt to feed the squirrel some sweetcorn bait and it begins to edge close.

It takes a sniff but then takes a chomp, avoiding the sweetcorn and opting for Adam’s finger.

Adam reacts and shouts expletives at the rodent in a hilarious moment.

Adam said: “I was trying to be nice and feed what seems to be a hungry and not so shy squirrel.

“I thought I had a bit of a bond with the little thing and wasn’t really expecting a bite as the corn is obviously very yellow and my fingers are not.”