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By Jess Grieveson-Smith and William Lailey


From brushing their hair to reading a bed time story, one little boy’s connection with his pet dog goes further than most.

Their bond is so close that little Jenson Webster, two, from Hinkley, Leicester, sees his border collie mix dog Fenn, as his brother – and mimics him in almost all aspects of life.

Jenson was born on the October 8 2017 – with Fenn being born just nine days later, on October 17 – and strangers are often in awe of the bond – as the pair are rarely seen apart.

The family decided initially, to get Fenn as a companion to grow up alongside their son – but they never envisioned how close the two would become.

From playing fetch and completing tricks, Jenson’s milestones were all met – even if they weren’t the most traditional.

Stay at home mum, Laura Webster, 29, was even able to teach Fenn to crawl in order to show Jenson what to do – with Jenson crawling at seven months and then walking by eight.

Yet little Jenson was already showing he could keep up with his furry pal, listening to orders such as sit and heel round – as well as attempting to eat by himself – just like Fenn.

Astounded mum, Laura remains amazed at their bond as it’s continued to grow, and along with her partner, Tom Webster, teaching assistant, 30, the family believe that the bond between the two is unique.

Laura said: “They are, simply put, siblings – it’s impossible not to love them and their amazing bond.

“Fenn and Jenson were born nine days apart and they’ve literally grown up together – Jenson is recognised as the leader, but he’s decided to copy Fenn when he’s been learning things.

“From eating food from the plate, just like Fenn would, he also joins him in learning tricks like sit, heel round.

“They do the morning and night routine together – if Jenson is having his hair brushed, ready for the day ahead, then Fenn has to have his done too.

“They’ll brush their teeth together, watch TV together with Jenson lying on top of Fenn, and every walk you’ll find Jenson there, right alongside Fenn.

“Jenson has no human siblings and Fenn became his substitute – they’re best friends and completely inseparable.”

The family even managed to capture the pair catching snowballs in their mouths, which went viral and was seen by 60,000 people.

“My dad and Jenson’s grandad, Steve Marlow, 64, is retired and came over to show Jenson the snow – he’d never seen it before.

“Dad began to throw the snowballs for Fenn, and our older dog Nova to catch, and to our delight, Jenson tried the same.

“He seemed shocked because it was so cold when he caught it in his mouth.

“He does the same with bubbles, he makes sure to mimic Fenn, and it does make us laugh, and brightens everyone’s day.”

Yet being so close does have its drawbacks as Laura often has to prevent Jenson from making friends with all dogs that he meets.

Laura added, “We know we can trust Fenn 100%, but we’ve had to make Jenson doesn’t go running up to every dog, thinking they’re all going to be like Fenn.

“What he and Fenn have is so unique and special, we know we’re lucky to have it – our little boy really does have a furry sibling!”