Amazing Video

By Joseph McFarlane


The DD Squad stunt group are renowned for going the extra mile to make their performances special.

After creating their own trampoline playground with shipping containers in the middle of a shipping yard, they turned this abandoned power plant into a stunt factory.

Using acrobatic equipment and utilising the old building’s pipes, chains and hooks, they put together daring, acrobatic stunts.

The adrenaline-packed video shows them jumping with a rope swing, performing awesome flips and pulling off impressive basketball dunks.

DD Squad are a quartet of acrobats from Slovenia, famous for performing stunts in unusual locations.

Maks Veselko, Dunking Devils acrobat and member of DD Squad, said:  “When we first visited the abandoned power plant, we were completely blown away.

“The building looked exactly as we’d imagined: Industrial, old, dirty and derelict.

“There was graffiti everywhere, broken glass on the floor, overgrown plants lining the windows.”

“All of this presented an additional aesthetic value, but also an obstacle – we had to clean the place up in order to be able to set up our stunt factory,” he continued.

“However, with its pipes, dangling chains, and industrial hooks, the building offers a ton of possibilities for crazy stunts that couldn’t all be fit into a single video, so we’ll definitely be back”.