Animals Video

By Cally Brooks


Watch this sweet video of a six month old kitten massaging her best friend – a CORGI PUP.

Maryanne Grant, 27, caught the adorable exchange on camera when she woke up on a Sunday morning for snuggles with her five month old kitten, Edna when her five year old pooch, George, had to jump in on the action.

Edna, who was adopted by Maryanne in November, has always been infatuated with the pup and loves to cuddle up with George, who used to be an only child.

Maryanne, from Denver, Colorado, posted the video on the ‘Disapproving Corgis’ Facebook page which attracted attention from strangers all over the world.

One user commented ‘she’s making corgi biscuits’ whilst another said that Edna, an American Short Hair, appeared to be kneading her bestie.

Having been introduced when Edna was just six weeks old, the duo have come a long way with George, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, taking a while to accept his new companion.

Maryanne decided to foster four kittens in November and decided to keep Edna when she fell in love with her infectious personality.

Now, the duo even have their own joint Instagram account where they post about all of the adventures they have been on together.

Maryanne said: “George is the slightly disgruntled older brother that used to be an only child. Edna, however, LOVES him. She waits in the window whilst George and I go for walks. She always sleeps as close to George as he will allow, occasionally getting right up next to him!

“George is so gentle with her and frequently licks her ears whilst wagging his little tail. He has been very patient whilst adjusting to life with a new kitten sister!

“Edna also loves to give him massages. When they are both sleepy, she will knead his back or neck, purring the whole time.

“I always wanted George to have a buddy, but I never imagined it would be a cat.

“George could always tell that she was different from the other three foster kittens. He had a sweet spot for her, and so did I! She was so small, so affectionate, and so brave.

“George and Edna bring me so much joy. I can’t wait to see how their relationship grows as Edna gets bigger and bolder”.