Animals Video

By Aliki Kraterou


A fashionista tortoise with impeccable style has become an Instagram celebrity since her owners started dressing her in the same outfits as their own.

Kasey Kuchinski, 33, and Daniel Rodriguez, 33, from Sonoma, California, USA, got the idea of dressing up their four-year-old pet tortoise after spotting an Instagram trend of families in matching outfits.

Ethel, a 20lb Sulcata tortoise is very pampered, has countless different outfits for every occasion and even had a spa day where she got a shell massage.

The pair say they see her as their child and are thinking of maybe getting a pet dog to keep her company in the future.

Her owner Kasey, who works as an illustrator said: “I was seeing a trend on Instagram where families with children would take photos wearing matching outfits.

“I just thought it would be funny to do the same but with our tortoise – it’s sort of an inside joke I guess.

“I have a background in fashion design, so nearly all of Ethel’s outfits are made or altered from kids clothes by me.

“I try not to spend more than £4 on each outfit, otherwise this whole idea wouldn’t be sustainable for us – she’s gone through so many.

“I’ve really only kept a few of my favourites and some that were given to us we have a small house so I can’t realistically keep them all.

“Ethel’s favourite activity is eating, she also likes basking in the sunshine and going for walks in the park.

“Her favourite treat is bell peppers, she also likes bok choy, zucchini and pumpkin. Normally though, she just eats grass and weeds.

“Although she is not a sea turtle she really enjoys beach days.

“There is plenty of sunshine, and a lot of rocks to climb and sand to dig in. “