Life Video

By Jack Mobley

Five friends came together to do something nice for their pal and build a PC that he had always wanted.

Christian Pittenger and co noticed their friend, Cyrus, was going through a rough patch so to combat it they decided to surprise him with a brand new $1000 PC build.

The group set up the computer in the basement of Christian’s home in Ohio and brought Cyrus in to show him.

Initially, Cyrus was sceptical as to what was going on, questioning his friends.

But, as the video shows, Cyrus soon realised what was going on – that the PC was his and what they had done to give it to him and he begins to cry.

In the emotional clip, Cyrus starts to hug his friends, giving his thanks and gratitude for the incredible gift.

Christian said: “We wanted to do something nice for him since he is going through a rough patch and was unable to afford a new PC.

“His reaction was priceless, at first he was confused but after that he was grateful and cries tears of joy.”