By Federico Cornetto


A team of urban explorers have visited an abandoned Italian villa and captured some eerie footage.

Experienced urban explorer Bob Thissen, 34, and his team found a stunning abandoned villa surrounded by vegetation in Veneto, Italy, and, upon entering, found it incredibly well-preserved.

Inside the building, Bob captured eerie images of pristine old furniture, black-and-white pictures of the deceased owners and even dentures and cigarettes.

In the garage, Bob found a rare model of Lancia Fulvia, a vintage car whose production stopped in 1976 with a value estimated to be tens of thousands of dollars.

Bob said: “Inside the villa, I especially liked the old furniture, the closets, the mirrors and the beds.

“The living room was in great conditions.

“I also liked that there were a lot of personal items left around.”

Bob said that the villa was still in a ‘pristine’ state, despite clear signs that it had been searched by thieves.

He said: “It was too bad thieves had already visited this place before I got there.