By Federico Cornetto and Lucy Harvey


A team of talented culinary artists have turned famous movie characters and musicians into delicious crepes.

Daniel Drake, 29, Hank Gustafson, 27, and their team of pancake artists at Dancakes travel the world impressing people with their crepe-making skills.

They have created a series of sweet treats resembling popular movie characters as well as musicians and other celebrities.

From Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, to Billie Eilish and rapper Lil Nas X, these pancake makers are having fun turning famous faces into delectable pieces of art.

Hank, from St. Louis, Missouri, said: “We got into pancake art when we worked at a diner and

started making smiley faces to get better tips.

“Eventually a photo of Dan making pancake art went viral and we appeared on the Today Show in New York.

“Now we teach people of all ages to do it.

“Every single pancake we make in our videos is edible.

“We just use normal just-add-water mix pancake batter and then add coloured food gels to get the colours we need.”