Life Video

By Randal Coombs


An Amazon delivery driver was caught on a home security camera performing a small act of kindness by bringing in a family’s bins

The heartwarming moment was captured by Kellie Yonkers, 26, as she tried to show her fiance that he had forgotten to take the bins out.

“I didn’t have the day off work, but my fiancé did,” she explained.

“It was odd that he would have brought up our trash cans to the top of our driveway and not into our garage.

“When I went inside to ask him why he didn’t bring our trash cans inside, he said he hadn’t even brought them in yet.”

“I immediately went to our cameras (usually we laugh at how forgetful he can be at times, so I wanted to prove it to him on the camera) only to find the sweetest video of our Amazon driver bringing in our garbage bins for us,” she continued.

The Prime driver made the kind gesture outside Kellie’s home in Montgomery, IL, on February 17.