Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto


This is the hilarious moment a ‘jerk’ cat pushed his feline friend from behind and caused him to fall into a bathtub.

On February 18, two-year-old Scherzo was walking on the bathtub’s edge and curiously inspecting the water in his house in Montreal, Canada, when Octave, six, decided to play a distasteful prank on him.

Octave approached Scherzo from behind and pushed his back, causing the startled feline to lose balance and fall into the water.

Owner Louise Francoeur, 29, was able to capture the hilarious moment on camera and upload it to social media, with a caption that read: “one of my cats is a jerk”.

Louise said: “I was filming because Scherzo was jumping over the bath and back to reach the window on the other side, and I wanted to capture that.

“I was really surprised when Scherzo actually fell in, and couldn’t believe I had it all on slow motion.

“I call Octave a jerk in the description and he kind of is.

“He’s the oldest and he’s always poking at Scherzo and asserting dominance, but in a playful way.

“Scherzo is the youngest and always wants attention and cuddles.

“They couldn’t be more different!”