Life Nature Video

By Joe McFarlane

This man plays a prank on his friend whilst surfing, making him believe that there is a real shark chasing them down.

South African filmmaker, Dan Mace, challenged himself to prank YouTube star, Casey Neistat, near Los Angeles, California.

Dan enlisted the help of shark attack survivor Paul De Gelder to act as the shark whilst Dan and Casey hit the waves.

Paul used a large man-made fin to portray the part and used it to imitate the ocean’s deadliest predator.

Casey noticed the fin and instantly panicked as Dan urged him to paddle to shore.

Finally reaching the shoreline, Casey was adamant that he had just been chased down by the shark and ran to the life guard’s post only to be stopped by Dan unveiling that it was prank all along.

Casey’s face turned from trepidation to humiliation as he discovers all of the moving parts to pull off the prank.

Dan said: “The idea came from a bet 5 years Ago or so where Casey bet he could never be pranked.

“I kept on building Casey’s fear of sharks, sneaking in comments where he could over the five years.

“So in terms of seeding the fear, lots of planning went into it but the actual video took 3 days to execute in full.

“Casey’s first reaction was to swim to shore as fast as possible.

“Then as soon as he hit the beach he ran for the lifeguard because there were other people in the water and his only thought was to get them safe.

“I felt a little bad but very stoked that it worked out.”