Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe


Cats love their owners, but you don’t often see one giving a human a real massage.

This footage, filmed in Krasnodar, Russia, shows Ekaterina Valiushkina, 39, relaxing on a couch while two cats gently walk over her.

Cat massages involve simply lying back on the sofa and letting the pets jump on and walk around, but the free-and-easy felines also perform a strange kneading movement with their paws, mimicking a real massage.

According to Ekaterina, the cats enjoy being masseurs as much as she enjoys receiving the relaxing therapy.

“They definitely love the process [and] so do I,” she said.

“It is very pleasant.

“Purring is relaxing and even lulling.”

“A usual massage seance lasts about ten minutes,” she continued.