Offbeat Video

By Charlotte Orie


A Harley Quinn and Joker super fan has dedicated his entire home to themed collectables.

Ashliegh Wolfgang, 45, began building his collection five years ago after always being a fan of the Joker and has autographs from every actor who has portrayed him.

After extending his collection to also include Harley Quinn, Ashliegh now has hundreds of merchandise scattered across his home – including figurines, dolls, photographs, posters and key rings.

With boxes stacked up in his garage, Ashliegh, a freelance writer, from Chicago, US, dreads to think how much she has spent on her obsession.

Ashliegh said: “I did initially start with collecting just Joker items but Harley continued to make her presence felt in comics and movies to the point that for me, she became an extension of the Joker.

“He was definitely better with her, than without. She deserved to be an equal part of my collection.

“It has always been a topic of conversation when people see it for the first time.

“The consensus always seems to be surprise that I’m a bigger fan of The Joker and Harley Quinn, than I am of Batman.

“That only confirms to me that these characters don’t get enough love. A lot of people have begun contributing to the collection, which is amazing.

“It’s forever ongoing, it’s at a point now that I’m typically waiting on announced items to become available.

“There isn’t very much out there already that I don’t have. Not everything is able to be displayed at once, I literally have boxes and boxes of items in my garage just waiting to make the cut.

“I’ve always been a fan of the Joker and would pick up things here and there for as long as I can remember.”