By Joe McFarlane


This man asked his mum to give him a haircut and immediately regretted making the request.

A hilarious video, posted on Tiktok, shows Josiah Coleman filming himself as his mother Karen, 50, cuts his hair.

As Karen, who’s been a hairdresser for 30 years, snips and brushes away, Josiah can be heard telling her: “You know I can’t wear my hair like this, right?”

At the end of the video, he doesn’t amused.

“I asked my mom to do my hair for me and she thought it was funny to give me this hairstyle,” he explained.

“She just did it to be funny.

“I requested a regular finger curl, a typical hairstyle men ask for.”

“I was shocked; I never knew my hair could do that for one, and I wanted her to fix it immediately,” he continued.