By Randal Coombs and Jack Mobley


This is the hilarious moment a woman told a man playing rap music in his car to “turn it up”, before dancing wildly inside her vehicle.

The video – which has since gone viral on Facebook – was filmed at a petrol station in Chattanooga, TN on February 19, and features Dominique Buyck, 26, listening to Moneybagg Yo’s track ‘U Played’ in his car.

The amusing incident then begins with the woman, called Lisa, telling Dominique to roll down his window by saying “excuse me sir.”

She goes on to ask him to play the song again, claiming she ‘loves it.’

As the clip shows, Dominique kindly obliges, and it ends with Lisa dancing to the beat in her car.

But the story gets better than that.

After the video went viral, Lisa, 54, messaged Dominique on social media claiming the two of them should “meet.”

“She messaged me on Facebook after it [the video] went viral asking how did I get the video,” he explained.

“I responded that the video was recorded by me and she went on to say that we needed to meet one day soon.”

The pair met up, with Dominique claiming Lisa was a “fun-loving person” and both really enjoyed the whole thing.

“Overall, it has been a great experience.

“Just a video that happened naturally, wasn’t planned and happened to go viral all because Lisa loved the beat and music that she heard me playing in my car,” he said.