Animals Video

By Mikey Jones and Taniya Dutta


This giraffe looks as though he’s playing a game of hide and seek after it was captured peering inbetween a tree.

Photographer, Varun Aditya, 26, captured the stunning image in Masai Mara, Kenya, when he spotted a giraffe walking towards the tree.

The timely image shows the giraffe’s head poking inbetween the trees branches while his tail also pokes out.

He said, “I saw a tree and then I saw the giraffe walking towards the tree and as we went past the tree I saw the giraffe just in between the branches.

“I asked my driver to stop and I ran out of the car to take the picture.”

Varun says that he wanted to convey a message of saving the trees by showing it will a head and tail.

He added: “I like the idea that this images shows the tree has a life, more people need to respect trees and not cut them down.”