Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane



One unsuspecting doggo was bombarded by an avalanche of adorable puppies in a hilarious video.


When Winston, the four-year-old golden retriever headed over to visit the in-laws in Winnipeg, Canada, the poor pooch was bombarded by some unexpected attention.


Walking into a room filled with a litter of nine puppies, Winston became the centre of attention as the tiny pups swarmed the overwhelmed retriever.


From dodging and weaving, hopping and jumping, Winston did everything in his power to avoid capture by the fluffy army of doggie nieces and nephews. 


Winston’s owner, Claire Beavis, 27, said: “Winston was meeting the litter for the first time and they were very excited to see him. 


“He loves puppies and is used to being around them, for that reason he knows that at this age they are starting to get their sharp little teeth. The puppies usually run up under their mum’s belly looking for her nipples. Winston knew better than to let them get under his belly so decided playing leap frog was his best strategy!


“When he first started trying to leap over the litter of puppies we were watching to make sure it didn’t escalate, but when we saw how expertly he dodged them all we started to laugh. It was too cute!”