Animals Video

By Neo Bye


Adorable footage has emerged of a rescue dog taking care of a foster kitten.

The heartwarming video, captured by Isobel Boughton, 27 in Australia in February 2020, shows Ollie the dog licking the tiny cat and generally looking after her.

Isobel got Ollie when he was just a puppy and she was delighted to discover he loves interacting with other pets.

“I was working as a vet nurse at the time and took him to work with me each day and this is when I realised he had a connection with other animals,” she explained.

“He loved playing with the other dogs and puppies at work and has always been very gentle with little animals.”

“I currently foster kittens for a rescue group so we usually get a litter of kittens anywhere from 3 to 5 at a time and we usually have them for at least 4 weeks until they can gain some weight, get desexed and then find a home for each of them,” she continued.

“I wasn’t surprised to see Ollie being so gentle and sweet with the kittens because he has always had such a sweet loving nature but the kittens and him make me laugh every day and I still find it adorable each time I see them interact”.