Animals Life Video

By Jack Mobley

A puppy was held up to a Ring camera and the women watching can’t get over the cuteness.

Bryan Lockhart was returning home from walking golden retriever puppy, Knox, in Davenport, Florida on January 5.

As approaches the front door, Bryan’s wife, Erica’s voice comes through the speaker provoking Knox’s ear to perk up.

Bryan picked up Knox and presented him to the camera, tilting his head in bewilderment as Erica and others swoon over the adorable pup.

Bryan said: “As I was taking him out for our regular walk, we heard Erica’s voice along with her aunts voices through the Ring doorbell.

“Once Knox recognised mommy’s voice, he gave the cutest head tilt!

“He knew the sound of his mommy’s voice and could tell she was watching.”