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By Federico Cornetto & Joe McFarlane


This is the hilarious moment a kid’s glasses fell out of a van window while he was dancing to music

On February 9, Valentino Di Francesca, 12, was dancing together with sister Martina, 17, in the back of their family’s van when he became completely transported by the song he was listening to.

As Valentino shook his head to the beat, his glasses fell off of his face, out of the vehicle’s window and in the midst of traffic.

Martina captured the hilarious reaction of her brother and he screamed with horror at the realisation of having lost his glasses.

Valentino, from Argentina, said: “Initially I was very scared because I thought a car must have crushed them.

“Then I killed myself with laughter when I saw the video because of my reaction.

“My mum went to retrieve the glasses, warning other cars not to crush them.

“Now they are missing a few pieces but they can be fixed.”