Amazing Nature Video

By Joe McFarlane and Jessica Testa 



An underwater photographer spotted a beautiful underwater show as a radiant octopus dramatically changed their colourful camouflage. 


While diving eight metres deep in Willemstad, Curacao, on January 7, underwater photographer and videographer Bridget Glynn, 26, spotted a surprising and amazing site as a Caribbean reef octopus dramatically displayed its range of colourful camouflage.


Bridget said: “It was at very end of night dive and it was second octopus I found on this dive. 


“The octopus was going from coral to coral. The moment when I started filming, the octopus stopped moving and its colour was changing beautifully.”


But the octopus’s night-time show wasn’t just for Bridget’s delight. 


Bridget said: “The reason why octopus’ change colour is to hide from predators or to try to scare off predators and divers. 


“They have a special kind of cells called chromatophores which cause skin colour changing. 


“Not only they can change their skin colour, but they also can change the texture of their skin to match rocks, corals and other items nearby.


“I always feel so happy when I find octopus, especially during a night dive. At that moment, I was focused because I wanted to make sure I captured everything. However, I did not realise how good it was until I saw it on television screen. I was so proud of myself.”