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A lucky tourist has captured the magical moment a majestic humpback whale puts on a spectacular show in front of an EMPTY BOAT.

British tourist Rebecca Kelsall captured the stunning sight while on a whale watching cruise that was operating off the coast of Kaikoura on New Zealand’s South Island.

But this whale appeared happy to put on a show for an empty boat as it passed the one Rebecca was travelling in – only for it to flop backwards into the ocean dejectedly as it realised it didn’t have the audience he appeared to be hoping for.

The 27-year-old from Sandbach, Cheshire – who is currently working and travelling around New Zealand – said that witnessing the magnificent display was the best experience of her life.

Rebecca said she was informed prior to boarding the boat that her chances of seeing any whales were very slim as the mammals had been ‘very aloof’ – making their extraordinary performance even more special.

The photographs – which were taken back in September 2019 – have made waves online due to the irony of the humpback whale performing in front of an empty cruise boat.

Rebecca said: “In our briefing before we got on the boat, we were all told that we would receive 70% of our money back if no whales were sighted.

“We were informed that the whales had been very aloof recently and the chances of us seeing one were pretty slim.

“But to our luck and absolute amazement, this whale was breaching for almost two hours of our three-hour trip.

“The whale was surrounded by a pod of dolphins, which were following the whale as it surfaced and slapped its body and tail on the surface of the sea.

“The boat in the background was out with no passengers on it. That boat was being used to head to the spotted whales and stay with the whale so that the next tour would be able to locate it.”

Elated Rebecca added that to see a humpback whale playing in its natural habitat was the best experience of her life and something she had always had on her bucket list.

She said: “It is not every day that you see a whale, especially one doing what it does best in its natural habitat. They’re just magnificent creatures.

“It was the most amazing sight. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“This was one of my bucket list experiences while being in New Zealand. I felt so lucky, and the whale was putting on quite a show for us.

“It was the best experience of my life, to see this magnificent whale breaching and in the most breathtaking scenery.”