Animals Video

By Jack Mobley

These cat owners put their beloved feline on a treadmill, much to her disapproval.

Stefanie Vanthof wanted to see if their cat, Cobi, would enjoy a run on the treadmill but quickly realised that no progress would be made.

Stefanie has a treadmill at home in Jenison, Michigan and on February 11, decided to put Cobi to the test.

The result was a lack-lustre effort from Cobi, instead opting for a lie down.

Stefanie tried again, keeping a firm hold of Cobi, but the playful puss performed a forward roll.

Stefanie said: “Me and my husband attempted to get our cat, Cobi, to walk on the treadmill.

“We just wanted to see if she would actually walk on there.

“I thought it was hilarious.”