Life Video

By Alyce Collins


This grandmother got an earful from her granddaughter who shouted at her to ‘leave it’ when she got her phone out to take a picture.

NHS Quality and Patient Safety Manager Melanie Harries, 36, from Cardiff, Wales, couldn’t stop herself from laughing at the irate toddler.

Twenty-two-month-old Annabel wasn’t happy when her grandma, who was visiting from Australia, tried to take a photo of her recently.

Melanie had never heard Annabel say ‘leave it’ before, so she was even more shocked at her daughter saying it with such force and conviction.

Melanie said: “My mum was visiting from Australia recently and was trying to take a photo of Annabel during lunch, so she was saying ‘leave it’ about my mum’s phone.

“We all cracked up at the table. She usually loves having her photo taken and says ‘cheese’ to the camera.

“We have no idea where she picked the expression up from. We had never heard her say it before so it was particularly funny to hear her say it so forcefully.

“Of course she says it all the time now because she knows it makes us laugh.”