Animals Life Video

By Alyce Collins


This young boy’s close bond with his dogs shows the lovable and gentle nature of dogs that are often viewed negatively.

Vet receptionist Lucinda Stone, 27, from Bristol, UK, loves observing the kinship her son has created with Boulder the Staffordshire bull terrier, and Pebbles the American pitbull.

Seven-year-old Harley can hardly be separated from his dogs, as the trio play, eat and sleep together.

Despite the dogs’ gentle nature, Lucinda admits that people will often steer away from the dogs or avoid passing them.

Lucinda says: “Harley loves his dogs very much, they are his world.

“Their friendship and the unconditional love between them all is amazing to watch everyday.

“We get people avoiding walking past us, turning around and walking the other way, crossing over the road and even picking their dogs up.

“It really upsets me as they are the most loving and friendly dogs and they just want to be loved.

“People think they are both monsters which is very sad. I don’t think dogs should be judged by the way they look.”