Nature Video

By Neo Bye



Stunning footage has emerged of an alien-like creature swimming under the ice off the coast of Russia. 


The relaxing video was captured by scientist and diver Alexander Semenov, 34, during a White Sea expedition in 2018.


It shows what is known as a sea angel gracefully gliding around the dark ocean, as the ice glows dimly under the sun above. 


Alexander said: “The Clione limacina, or Sea angel, is an incredible pteropod mollusc which lives in the water column. 


“While it was evolving, the Clione got rid of its shell, and its typical snail foot transformed into wings – a distinctive feature which gives this group its name, pteropods. 


“The sea angel is one of the most beautiful swimmers of the invertebrate world,” he continued. 


“The way it moves its wings is really similar to the beating of a butterfly’s wings in slow motion.” 


Alexander and his team have been studying sea angel life cycles and behaviour for seven years, and is an expert on the beautiful creatures.