Life Video

By Chanel Livesey


A rather unpleasant video has emerged of the Internet-famous consultant audiologist known colloquially as The Wax Whisperer removing a battery from a patient’s ear.

The close-up footage, filmed on February 11 2020, shows Mr. Neel Raithatha retrieving the hearing aid battery, after it became lodged in the man’s ear canal.

“When he woke up in the morning and still half asleep, he accidentally inserted the hearing aid battery inside his ear instead of his hearing aid,” The Wax Whisperer explained.

“Already being profoundly hard of hearing in both ears, he was unable to hear anything whatsoever.”

Fortunately, Mr Raithatha was able to use a powerful magnet to safely extract the battery, and the patient would recover without sustaining any lasting damage.

The intricate procedure took less than a minute to complete.

“I was quite shocked as I’ve never seen or removed a hearing aid battery from the ear before,” said Mr Raithatha.

“The client was extremely relieved as he was unable to hear anything.

“He was also reassured that he did not accidentally cause any trauma to his ear canal or eardrum,” he continued.

The Wax Whisperer has become a bit of an Internet sensation in recent years.

Operating out of his Leicester clinic in the UK, he’s previously removed a twig, a tooth comb, a pen cap, an earbud, an earring, 22 hearing aid wax filters, a plastic clothes tag, an unidentified plastic object as well as several cotton buds from the ear canal.