Amazing Video

By Neo Bye


This artist has drawn a mesmerisingly realistic drawing of an ordinary kitchen spoon, and it’s so good you might even want to eat with it.

University student Dennis Caldwell, 22, from Virginia, found inspiration for his latest drawing when he found himself staring at a plastic spoon.

Dennis liked the idea of challenging himself to create a lifelike drawing of something so simple but recognisable.

After sharing the video, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive and people couldn’t believe how realistic his drawing was.

Dennis said: “I had a plastic spoon in my hand one day, I was staring at it for a bit and thought it would be challenging to draw. So that’s what I did.

“I took a high resolution photo, uploaded it to a grid method placer, sent it to my phone, then zoomed in to see the fine details.

“The grid method is what I used to get the accuracy of proportions correct. It took a combined nine hours to complete my drawing.

“I learned by watching YouTube tutorials and taking advice from friends.”