Animals Video

By Jessica Testa, Federico Cornetto and Jack Mobley


As a drone passes over a seemingly dormant croc, it suddenly jumps to intercept the vessel in mid-air.

Quentin Roper was off the coast of Groote Eylandt, Australia, on February 9 when he tried to get some scenic drone footage.

Passing over the head of the still reptile, Quentin didn’t expect the subsequent behaviour to ensue.

Just as the drone passed the croc, it propelled itself out of the water and dived toward the aircraft.

Luckily, the croc landed a glancing blow meaning that Quentin could successfully navigate back to the boat with crash landing.

Quentin said: “I spotted the salt water crocodile about 70 meters from the boat and it was heading straight for us.

“I got the drone up as quickly as possible to have a closer look and that attack happened.

“He or she kept hanging around after the incident, very interested in our little tinny and the drone.

“We kept filming and taking photos until the drone battery was nearly dead then i tried landing the drone in the boat and it just went crazy so i had to crash land it inside the boat otherwise we would’ve lost the drone & more importantly the footage.

“I knew we had some Epic footage, sometimes you have to take a risk to get the reward.”