Life Video

By Jack Mobley

This incredible act of heroism sees a bar tender run to the aid of a choking man to help him remove the obstruction and save his life.

Oscar Simoza was working what was thought to be an ordinary shift at his bar in Boston, Massachusetts on January 16 when the incident suddenly occurred.

CCTV footage captured what Oscar thought was a patron laughing very loudly but in fact was the sound of choking.

Oscar reacted first and sprinted around the bar to assist, quickly applying the hold and then performing the Heimlich manoeuvre.

The airways were successfully cleared to which Oscar returned to post behind the bar to a round of applause.

Oscar said: “I working my usual shift when I noticed a person that seem to be laughing really hard only to be actually chocking!

“My body reacted to this and was lucky enough to get there in time.

“I’ve never performed this manoeuvre, I learned from watching Baywatch and some of the swimming classes I had.

“I’m just a bartender that never thought i would be called a hero in my lifetime.”