Animals Video

By Jack Mobley


This pooch has a face that features an uncanny resemblance to a human’s giving a suspicious look.

Kayla Klear’s chihuahua-mix dog, Shiloh, was eying up her owner’s pop tart when Kayla managed to capture the human look.

Kayla’s video has Shiloh wanting a tasty human treat whilst at home in Hudson, Florida.

Whenever Shiloh begs for food he usually puts on his human face which leads to Kayla giving in due to the hilarious expression.

Kayla said: “ Shiloh usually looks pretty grumpy, everyone always pointed out how it looks like he’s frowning.

“Ever since then he’s been doing the squinting more, he doesn’t beg like a normal dog with puppy dog eyes, he kinda just glares at you.

“They became more prominent as he got older (he’s about a year & couple months now) I think a lot of it has to do with his mouth having such a defined frown.”