Nature Video

By Mike Jones


This lucky diver didn’t miss his chance to photograph a nosy dolphin that appeared to take quite the interest in him – as he swam off the British coastline.

Colin Garrett, 48, an underwater photographer from Weymouth, Dorset,  took the photos on February 4, as he was diving at the Portland Harbour.

Colin says the dolphin nicknamed ‘Danny’, is a local celebrity and he seemed particularly interested in him and wanted to play.

He said: “On this particular day I was photographing smaller creatures that reside in the sea grass within Portland Harbour at Castle Cove beach.

“I had been diving for approximately twenty minutes when appeared a 8-9 foot male Bottle-nose Dolphin right next to my left hand shoulder.

“Being such a large marine mammal they do have a tendency to make you jump a tad when you first notice them.

“Once I realised what it was, excitement kicked in and I started to take some photographs as he was coming in very close and extremely interactive.

“After around five minutes he swam off and I continued with my dive albeit with a large smile on my face-however about another five minutes later he returned again and I managed to get a few more images before he left.

“I did not see him after that, but did return to shore as one happy diver.”