Life Video

By Randal Coombs and Jessica Testa


This American Airlines passenger endured the flight from hell as the man behind her repeatedly ‘punched her seat.’

Wendi Williams had reclined her seat when the man began to throw punches, jolting her entire body forward.

Wendi claimed she was met with an eye roll when she complained to one of the flight attendants who later offered the man an apology for the tight space and some rum to “make his day better.”

The flight attendant also allegedly asked Wendi to delete the video she recorded showing what the man was doing. 

Wendi eventually complained to the airline before uploading the video to Twitter.   

She said: “He was hitting hard enough that my head hit the seat of the person in front of me.”

“My head hurt for several days after, and I’m experiencing numbness in my right arm, which really scares me.”

“The flight attendant just added insult to injury and so did American Airlines!”