Amazing Nature Video

By Mikey Jones


These stunning photos show hundreds of penguins letting their hair down in the frozen wastes of the South Atlantic.

Taken by photographer Bella Falk, 40, the images show hundreds of King Penguins at the Salisbury Plain and St Andrew’s Bay breeding colonies in South Georgia, South Atlantic.

The two colonies are well-known for their massive penguin populations, with an estimated 60.000 breeding pairs at Salisbury Plain alone.

Bella said: “The penguin couples come here to incubate their eggs and raise their chicks.

“They don’t build nests, they incubate the egg on their feet with a flap of skin over the top to keep it warm.

“After the eggs have hatched, one partner looks after the chick while the other goes to the sea to feed, coming back every few days to feed regurgitated food to the chick.

“When the chick is about weeks old the parents leave the chick in a big creche and both parents go to sea to bring back food.

Bella added that the images are among the most dramatic she has taken.

She said: “Nothing quite prepares you for the sound and the smell of almost half a million penguins! It’s staggering.

“t’s also a really joyful place because there is so much life here and it’s entirely unspoiled – here is a place that has escaped mankind’s destruction, where life has been able to flourish. It’s such a privilege to be able to see a place like this, and it makes you even more aware of the fragility of our planet and how vital it is for us to protect the natural world.”