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It wasn’t this seal pup’s lucky day when it got stranded in the snow in Russia’s far east.

Fortunately for the little critter, some local fishermen were nearby and managed to save it from certain death.

Video of the rescue emerged online and it shows the volunteers coming to the animal’s aid, after it became separated from its mother at just one-day-old.

According to the filmer, they were first alerted to the stranded seal after hearing a noise that sounded like the “cry of a child”.

A quick investigation revealed the baby seal in serious trouble.

The good samaritans warmed the animal up with blankets, gave it plenty of food and nursed it back to health over the course of two days, before using a sleigh to transport the poor pup to the shore to pass it on to specialists.

So young was the seal, one of the volunteers even had to cut its umbilical cord.

“Now everything is fine with him [the seal],” said the filmer.

“The seal came to life immediately after feeding.

“He became positive, funny and adorable”.