Life Offbeat Video

By Jessica Testa and Alyce Collins


This dad discovered a clever way of creating a precise mohawk using just his household vacuum cleaner.

Shawn Richardson, 36, was cutting his son’s hair in the garage of their home in Acworth, Georgia, when the ingenious idea sprung to mind.

Explaining his method, Shawn said the method is the fastest way he has been able to create the look, while also making seven-year-old Spencer laugh the most.

After the vacuum creates the gravity-defying look, Shawn applies a liberal amount of hairspray to keep it intact.

“I cut his hair in the garage so i can vacuum up the hair in a place that is already a bit messy,” Shawn said.

“I remember the Flowbee from when I was a kid, it stands to reason that it would work.

“It allows the job to be done fast with minimal tears and the most laughter and noise. Apply vacuum hose to mohawk then apply hair spray before gravity realizes what’s going on.”