Offbeat Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


An ingenuous woman went viral after demonstrating how to get free food while visit shopping malls.

When not working her full-time office job in Los Angeles, Kat Curtis enjoys spending her free-time browsing the shops and stores at The Glendale Galleria Mall.

And as we all know, window browsing can build up a healthy appetite, but instead of paying out for lunch, Kat demonstrated an intrusive, but ingenious way to get free food while out shopping.

Riding up and down the escalators, Kat reached out and stole unsuspecting shoppers fries and ice-cream and even shoved her face into an unguarded donut.

With Kat’s stunt leaving her food victims stunned, Kat also filled up on the mass amount of views and likes she received for her viral video.

Kat said: “The idea literally just hit me and I went for it.

“The reactions ranged from anger to laughter.”