By Jess Grieveson-Smith


A couple from London have forked out more than £250,000 in a bit to transform themselves into Asian pop stars.

Oli London, 30, and Frenchy Morgan, 44, have gone under the knife 24 times between them in a bid to transform their Caucasian look into that of their idols – Korean pop stars.

The couple, who live in London, have spent quarter of a million pounds on surgeries ranging from chin chiselling to skin whitening and even one procedure that alters the shape of the eye region.

The couple top up with botox every three weeks as well as having regular ‘vampire facials’ and skin whitening.

Oli, a JOB has had what he calls a ‘complete make-over’  – including five nose jobs costing over £40,000 alone and even a £5,000 blepharoplasty – which alters the eye region.



He’s had chin bone contouring and reduction costing a further £17,50, in an attempt to make his face shape smaller and similar to that of his idols.

Oli London, 30 and Frenchy Morgan, 44, who is originally from Paris, confess they have an unusual relationship, in the main driven by their extreme obsession to change their appearance continuously.

Oli said, “I’ve been having surgery since 2013, when I decided I wanted to look like Park Ji-min from the Korean boyband BTS, travelling all over the world to Korea, to Poland, to China to get it done.

“I love the plastic look, and that’s why I clicked so well with Frenchy – she’s had loads of boob jobs and botox.

“She understood my love for changing my appearance, to make myself look like a K-pop star, and she is always talking about her boobs and how she wants to look more like an anime doll.

“I truly love her looking plastic, it turns me on and I have no regrets about the amount of money we’ve spent on it.

“In addition to the nose jobs, I’ve had liposuction,Mandible Angle Reduction, to change the shape of my lower face, breast reduction to make me completely flat, Areola Correction, Blepharoplasty where I modified my eyelids and an eyebrow lift.”

Oli is so obsessed with his Korean pop star idol, that he even married a cardboard cutout of Jimin in Vegas – and doesn’t plan on stopping his addiction to surgery anytime soon.

Frenchy added, “I don’t we will ever have enough of plastic surgery – some surgeons have turned him down from having more but he loves getting it done.

“But the obsession with plastic surgery hasn’t made the relationship harder – it’s made it stronger.

“I love getting it done too, and I bonded with Oli, in 2018, over posting some pictures of Jimin, who I am in love with, and then suddenly Oli started bombarding me with messages saying he was also in love with Jimin.

“Instantly we hit it off and exchanged numbers and started talking for hours on the phone – we have a magical connection.

“I’m on my third breast enlargement surgery, currently at 800CC and I’ve had multiple nose jobs, permanent lip enlargement and botox and fillers too.

“I was jealous when Oli married the cutout last year, but we share it now, and I’m even heading to Korea, to further my own dream of looking like a living doll.

“Some people might be put off by our surgery but we receive tremendous amounts of both interest and criticism online.

“We’re both very open-minded, loving and understanding of each other and our relationship is an open one.

“We’re soul mates and made for each other, but Oli does gets jealous of other guys looking at me and when I meet up with guys regularly for fun.

“We’ll continue having surgery, and hopefully one day we’ll look identical to our idols!”



Oli Surgery Breakdown:

£150,000 Makeover


5 Rhinoplasties in Korea (2013), China (2015), Poland (2016), Armenia (2018) and again in Korea with 5 Tip and Alar Plasties (2019) £40,000

Genioplasty with T-Osteotomy (Chin Bone Contouring) £8,000 (2019, Korea)

Mandible Angle Reduction £10,000 (2019. Korea)

Zygoma Reduction (Cheek Bone Reduction) £9500 (2019, Korea)

Gynecomastia £7,000 (2018, Armenia)

Liposuction  £9,000 (2018, Armenia)

Areola Correction £3500 (2018, Armenia)

Blepharoplasty £5000 (2013)

Eyebrow Lift £6500 (2019)


Non Surgical

Filler and botox (Done every 3 weeks) £40,000

Vampire Facials £10,000

Skin Whiteneing Injections £5000 SINCE 2019


Total £150,000



Frenchy Surgery



3 Breast Surgeries- £35,000 (2004, 2012, 2019)

2 Rhinoplasties- £15,000 (1994, 2004)

Permanent Lip Enlargement- £6000 (2004)

Non Surgical

Botox, Filler & Facials £45,000


Total £100,000