Life Video

By Aliki Kraterou


This little boy loves TUI so much, he has even had his own TUI- themed birthday party -and of course his dream is to become a pilot.

Harley Poglettke, 6, from Leeswood, Wales suffers from anxiety, but he has found something he loves and  makes him feel better; TUI.

Harley’s mum Jenna Louise Griffith, 26, a shop assistant says his obsession started when they were planning a family holiday to Turkey two years ago.

And still two years later, the mum- of- two says his love for TUI is still ‘going strong’ – so much that they decided to celebrate his 6th birthday on the 18th of October, with a TUI-themed birthday party.

Jenna said: “He suffers from severe anxiety and we were planning a holiday to Turkey so I tried to warm him up to the idea of flying- and since then it became an obsession.

“He has TUI T-shirts, a pillow, a blanket, flags and toys, everything we can find.

“The merchandise for TUI is really difficult to get a hold of, because they only sell them on the flights  so I had to arrange with people who were going away on a TUI holiday to pick up a few things for me.

“I know it’s unusual, I don’t know any kids his age who love TUI.

Harley’s obsession with TUI has made him even ask for a TUI birthday cake and make him decide he wants to become a pilot when he grows up.

His dream is to have lots of TUI airplanes, all ‘red and blue’ and travel to Turkey and Spain.

Jenna added: “He really likes Spiderman so when I asked him what cake he would like for his birthday, I was sure he would tell me a Spiderman one.

“But he asked for a TUI cake, he was 100% that’s what he wanted- so we got him a TUI cake and a TUI airplane toy as a present.

Jenna filmed the moment Harley was opening his present and he can be seen ripping the wrapping paper and saying all excited ‘It’s TUI,  It’s a TUI airplane! Let’s open it!’.

She said: “His reaction when he saw the cake was priceless, he was so excited, he still talks about it today.”