Animals Video

By Alyce Collins


This girl won’t go to bed at night without a night time kiss from her beloved dog.

When two-year-old Ally gets tucked in at her family home in Sackville, Nova Scotia, her four-legged friend Ozzy is sure to give her goodnight kisses.

Ally and Ozzy share the ultimate bond and they spend most of their time playing together or curling up with one another.

Meghan McCarthy, 27, an environmental officer, loves observing the bond that her daughter has with Ozzy.

“Ozzy gives her kisses every night, it’s part of both their routines and he only misses a bedtime kiss if he is out for a walk.

“Ozzy has been Ally’s bodyguard since the day she was born. He waited patiently until she was big enough to play with, and now that she’s older they have become best friends.

“It’s normal to find them curled up somewhere, with Ally petting his ears and whispering a story to him.

“We feel incredibly lucky to have such a gentle and loving dog, he makes our daughter so happy and completes our family.”