Offbeat Video

By Hannah Phillips


A mum was shocked after adopting an unwanted parrot and discovering its previous owners must have gone through a divorce – as it swears and screams ‘I’ve got bills to pay’.

Abby Mathews, 40, adopted 23-year-old macaw Sweet Pea in October last year – but soon discovered the cheeky bird reenacts her former owners’ painful breakup by yelling rude insults at her new family.

Married mum-of-two Abby, from Florida, said the grumpy parrot has spent the last four months swearing at kids Beatrix, 10, and Bella, seven, calling them ‘f*cker’ and ‘a*shole’.

But the family love their naughty pet bird and have no plans to rehome her.

Married mum-of-two Abby, from Florida, said the grumpy parrot has spent the last four months swearing at kids Beatrix, 10, and Bella, seven, calling them ‘f*cker’ and ‘a*shole’.

“We thought it was funny, until you think about the fact that she’s mimicking someone else’s unhappy relationship.

“The rescue organization told us she had plucked her feathers, most likely from the stress of her previous owners’ divorce, which they believe is why she was turned over to the rescue.

“Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t want a plucked bird. They might not have a lot of feathers, but they still have a lot of love to give.

“I’m not saying the family she with didn’t love her, but they obviously didn’t love each other.

“It makes me happy to think that she’ll spend the rest of her life with a family who love her and each other.

“But she also loves to say ‘ow you fucker’ so we’re assuming she did a lot of biting that would lead to someone saying that, and she calls people assholes.

“The kids think it’s absolutely hysterical, and I have to tell them not to repeat it at school.

“It’s great as a parent though, because when they’re arguing with each other I tell them they can’t teach Sweet Pea any more bad behaviour and the girls usually stop.

“It makes them be nicer to each other. She doesn’t say anything that they wouldn’t pick up at school anyway.”

Sweet Pea was taken to a sanctuary by her former owners when they split last year.

Sadly, the stress of the divorce caused her to pluck out all of her feathers, but they are now showing signs of growing back.

The parrot now has the run of Abby’s farmhouse and loves to eat crisps, has other favourite phrases including ‘shut up’.

Abby said the cheeky parrot rules the roost, sneaking up on their pet poodle, Kosmo, and biting his tail.

Macaws have been known to live to 100 years old and Abby believes Sweet Pea is middle aged.

The mum has made failed attempts to teach Sweet Pea other naughty tricks – including speaking to Alexa.

Abby said: “She walks around the house and you can hear her little claws clapping along the floor so you know you’re going to have a visitor.

“I sit in her room at night when the kids are in bed trying to teach her to make farting noises.

“She does try and mimic the farting noises but she just hasn’t mastered it yet. I just pray she doesn’t learn to Amazon shop as one of her tricks.

“She says tons of things, mostly very typical parrot-y things like “hello” and “pretty bird” and she repeats her name over and over.

“She’s very good at mimicking garbled human speech. She always sounds as if she’s arguing with herself – she says surprising and curious things.

“Beatrix volunteers at a wildlife sanctuary and she fell in love with the animals and birds but I told her that they aren’t really supposed to be pets.

“Sweet Pea is 23 and has lived in a house all of her life so she has free run of the house.

“I’d love to see her fly one day. It feels sad to think there’s a bird who has never known what it feels like to have the wind under its wings.

“She absolutely loves apple and mangoes but also crisps and she’ll sit under the table while we eat.

“She joins in with the rest of the family in anything we’re doing.”