fox vs eagle

By Jamie Smith

A fearless fox saw off the threat of a golden eagle in a savage ten minute scrap between the scavengers.

Pic by Sean Weekly/Caters News

Professional Photographer Sean Weekly from Kent was waiting for action in the Sierra Morena Mountain Ranges in Spain last week while out on a work trip.

Pic by Sean Weekly/Caters News

The pictures show a brutal battle for food between a golden eagle twice the size of a red fox holding its ground while Sean was guiding a wildlife photography workshop.

“I love the way you can clearly see the size difference between the eagle and the fox. The image for me portrays the harsh realisation for our wildlife and risk that each animal will take for food and territory.

Pic by Sean Weekly/Caters News

“For me it shows the boldness and bravery of the Red Fox and its determination to win the battle of the Eagle.

“I could almost feel the tension between the two scavengers through the lens. I knew I was about to witness something extraordinary.

Pic by Sean Weekly/Caters News

“I was able to capture the crazy ten minute long battle. A lot of wildlife photography requires being in the right place at the right time and sometimes a considerable amount of luck.

Pic by Sean Weekly/Caters New

“I had my fair share of luck that evening and I was delighted to have witnessed such an amazing scene that I doubt I will ever have the privilege to see again.

“To come away with a series of images and some fantastic memories made this a very rewarding encounter.

Pic by Sean Weekly/Caters News

“The event happened so quickly and after such a long time of waiting it was a really challenging moment as your adrenaline is pumping after not seeing a glimpse of anything for hours.”