Amazing Video

By Neo Bye


A brave daredevil was watched by thousands of spectators as he was catapulted off a bridge into an impressive BASE jump.

This amazing footage, captured late last year in West Virginia, features experienced BASE jumper Jordan Taylor, 27, as he embarks upon a new and unusual form of free falling.

The POV helmet camera allows us to take the jump with Jordan, as we see him launched off the bridge into a front flip, before he pulls his chute and falls safely to the ground.

Jordan said: “This was my first time doing the catapult.

“I was very excited and focused on my body positioning because the catapult makes you go into a front flip.”

“There were a few hundred BASE jumpers and tens of thousands of people watching,” he continued.

“A lot of the people were just as excited as we were to watch the jumpers.”

The event Jordan was attended is called Bridge Day and it’s specifically designed for BASE jumpers and rappellers to “legally jump and rappel off the bridge”.