Life Video

By Alyce Collins


This girl wanted nothing more than to hear her favourite song being played, and when Alexa played the wrong track she certainly wasn’t pleased.

Three-year-old Alyssa from Ballymoney, Northern Ireland asked Alexa to play ‘Hello My Love’ by Westlife, her favourite song to dance to.

Unfortunately, because Alyssa couldn’t quite say it properly, the smart speaker didn’t understand her and instead played the song ‘Hallelujah’.

Alyssa’s mum, Sylvia McIntyre, 35, watched in amusement as her daughter yelled at Alexa to stop and got angry with the speaker.

Sylvia said: “My daughter was trying to get Alexa to play Hello My Love as she loves to dance to it.

“It’s the only song she likes to listen to other than nursery rhymes, and she has her own dance routine to it.

“She says ‘Alexa, sing Hello My Love’ but can’t yet say it clearly so Alexa played Hallelujah and also said hello back to her, so she was getting frustrated.

“She was trying to get the song to play for six or seven minutes, but eventually I said it with her. She finally got her long-awaited dance and was happy in the end.”