Animals Video

By Mike Jones


The cute cub wants to play and keeps bothering its mum, who is not having any of it.

Brant Bady, 36, a photographer from Victoria, British Columbia Canada captured the sweet moments while visiting Beaufort Sea in Alaska, USA.

Brant likes travelling five months a year to explore and photograph new places and polar bears were at the top of his list- so he started researching where would the ideal location be.

He said:  “After some  research I found a suitable place on the Beaufort Sea in Alaska, where the polar bears are hanging around on some barrier reefs waiting for the ocean to freeze so that they can head out and hunt seals.

“The viewing is done from small boats, so often one is at ‘eye-level’ with the bears, making for much more striking photos.

“Being able to safely get close enough to the made it much richer experience than just seeing a polar bear, as it was very easy to observe polar bear behaviours when they weren’t just snoozing.

“Although, even when sleeping the polar bears are both cuddly and endearing-the cubs in particular were very active and were often playing and trying to amuse themselves with whatever was available, sticks, chunks of ice, pieces of kelp, and even a piece of bone were their play-toys.

“One afternoon we were treated to watching a cub ‘goofing’ with its mum, it would paw her head, bite her ear, bite her neck and generally make a pest of itself.

“Mum however was extremely patient and put up with all the cub’s antics.

“My favourite one is the one where the bear is grooming itself in such a humorous pose. I immediately thought of a childhood game/torment of the same name that I used to play/inflict on my younger brother.”