Offbeat Video

By Cally Brooks and William Lailey


Meet the mother and daughter who make miniature items to suit all your needs from the shed in their back garden – and have made everything from a teeny coffee machine to the world’s smallest sausage roll.

Kath Holden, 43 and her mother Margaret Shaw, 72 run the family business ‘Delph Miniatures’ where they handcraft hundreds of everyday items – from telephones, DAB radios, cheeseburgers, to fruit baskets and biscuits.

The business started as a hobby when Kath was searching for some miniature dolls for her childhood doll’s house, but Margaret found they were too expensive.

Kath then began making her own tiny creations was only 14 years old – but soon realised her perfectly proportioned figurines were in high demand – and soon went into business with her mum.

Now, they both work full time in creating miniatures to fulfil orders world-wide.

Kath said: “One of the strangest things we were asked to make was a miniature condom in a packet.

“We went to a fair in Barnsley when a woman came up to me and said she would like a condom in a packet for her son in law as a joke present.

“I’ve also been asked to help with an engagement by making a bright pink SMEG fridge with a tiny bottle of HP sauce inside because they are the two things his girlfriend loved the most.

“We’re always being asked to make unique things but that’s what I love about it- every day is different”.

Margaret said: “I’m so lucky to be able to work with and speak to my daughter everyday- not a lot of parents get that privilege, so I absolutely love it.

“We used to go to miniature fairs all the time and we still do but that’s how it really began to take off.

“Our first fair was at Christmas in 1991 and that’s when we sold our first miniatures. I never thought it could turn into a business at that point but a few years later we were getting orders from all over the world.

“Miniatures can be given as a novelty gift to someone, they can be collected by people who love all things miniature or some people just want to capture a moment in time.

“To make the iPad, I would start with a print out of the screen and then apply that to polystyrene plastic. I would then cut the card for the case and fold and glue it and then stick the iPad screen onto the front and it’s done”.